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"... an easy, informative read, one that should be read by every manual therapist, not just Bowen Therapists.


As one who knew Tom well, I feel that we owe it to the man who is responsible for the origin of this amazing therapy to get it right and stop the spreading of false information.


As part of his research Col interviewed me and my family. This was because

of our close association with Tom. I got the impression he had already done an enormous amount of work to be certain he got the facts right.


It is the best source of information I have ever seen on the subject as it covers more than just Tom’s history."

'Bowen News Australia' (BTFA)

by Robert Le Page-Haines, Bowen Therapist.


“……the most researched and best book on Bowen so far published.


“My students will have a much better understanding of who Tom Bowen was and how this work came to be, and I think that is important, when it comes to being a  'professional'. It was a no brainer to have it as the first 'book review' in my course - it sets the theme.


"I wish I'd had it available when I started 10 years ago….……a pity that it has taken so long for such a book to be written.”

 David Burnett, Bowen Therapist, Bowen Therapy teacher, California, USA.


"An important piece of work, a good read, and a major step in understanding the man and his attributes. I have lifted some of the information and quotations in this article directly from his book. No apologies - they are good ones."
Article in 'Positive Health On-line' by NST/Bowen Therapy teacher, Tim Willcocks, UK.


“You've certainly done a job on some of the issues, and left no stone unturned.
I think it throws a lot of light on certain hitherto unspoken about areas and
can only be a good thing for the Bowen community."
 Julian Baker, ECBS (UK) Principal,  & author ‘The Bowen Technique’.

"There is a real range of stories about Tom Bowen and the origins of his unique therapy. Fortuitously coming across this book by Col Murray, we were both keen to discover more – and both found that we could not put it down."

"The book will challenge some people’s ideas of Tom Bowen and Bowen Therapy...”
“’s a great read."
Review in the Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) by Lois Kent and Meryl Johnson.


“I loved Col's book- I have recommended it to my students for an insight 
into the sometimes ludicrous politics of our wonderful therapy!”
Beth Darral, Bowen Therapist & Equine Bowen Therapy Teacher, UK.

I have no special interest in bodywork but this was a terrific read."
Tim Britten, freelance journalist, Melbourne.

“Great! It was as though Col was talking to me”
Gary Spencer, Naturopath & Bowen Therapy Teacher, Melbourne, Australia.

“I'm especially pleased about the demystification of Tom Bowen…”
(Annette Röllig, Heilpraktikerin, Bowen Therapist, Frankfurt, Germany.)

“My wish is that once all this is out in the open we can put all the myth and conjecture behind us and concentrate on embracing the beautiful gift that Tom has given us."
(Shirley Calder Bowen Therapist & Equine Bowen Therapy Teacher, NZ)

"My dad is the Bill Bryson of bodywork".
Devin Byrne-Murray, Melbourne (Oxford for a while, then Munich, now  back to Melbourne), who has read every Bill Bryson book at least once.





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Maureen Alexander:“He’d walk down the corridor and give the hand signals …. one, two or three clicks indicating to Rene his receptionist how to prepare the patient to save him time... she’d know by these hand signals and clicks. And we’d see 30 people in the morning and 30 people in the night and in the afternoon we’d close the doors for an hour.


Keith Davis: “What you’ve got to remember with Tom is (that) he was very changeable with the things that he did. He just didn’t follow a set pattern all the time, he changed enormously from things he’d do. Sure the basic format; stoppers and so forth but he was pretty flexible. I (would) never stop being amazed that he would do something different depending on the situation.”


Kevin Neave: “I rang him up and I said ‘Tom, do you mind if I spend a good deal of time with you and watching your technique?’ Then he said ‘it would be a waste of time.’ I said ‘why Tom?’ He said ‘because I don’t know what I’m doing myself.’ And I said to him ‘look Tom, if you let me sit in, I’ll tell you what you’re doing.’


“Tom had no academic knowledge whatever (of) what he was supposed to be doing. I well remember the first day I went down by myself. He took me in to the first patient. We came outside and he said ‘well, what did I do?’ I told him and he said ‘Gee, did I do that?’ No academic knowledge, just feel and appreciation.


“He was a unique personality. He spoke through his hands.”


 Kevin Ryan: “Tom’s expectation of outcome was to return the structure that he was feeling was abnormal, to return it to normal. To help the body to return to normal… he was interested in altering structure and posture in order to alter function.”


Romney Smeeton on miracles: “There was nothing that happened in his work that he didn’t expect to happen. He never turned and said ‘wow, look at that aren’t I clever!’ (People) call them miracles. But that’s through ignorance. Tom’s work was through an amazing understanding, an understanding that goes far beyond what western medicine probably can do now."



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