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Go against the flow – put the truth about Bowen,

The Man and the Therapy, on your website


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If you’re planning on setting up your own website based around Bowen Therapy, here’s all you need for the ‘What is Bowen Therapy’ and ‘Tom Bowen History’ pages. It’s going to be different to the information on most other current sites. Mainly because it’s truthful and correct. It’s truthful and correct because it’s been researched. It’s not fantasy made up to make Tom or the therapy something which they are not.


You could spend ages trying to put your own bit together if you go by most other sources of information. For instance, the Bowen stuff on Wikipedia. What a joke that is. It has taken as much misinformation as it can manage and crammed it all together. It just shows you that anything ridiculous, even if it’s written in the most obscure and puerile publication, can be made to be a ‘fact’. Give it a citation and fantasy reigns.


It would be refreshing for Bowen websites

to have the true story of Tom and the Therapy.

You’d be bucking a trend. Be a rebel.

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 coming soon...maybe.

If I can figure out how to do it.