At last you can read about the real Thomas

 Ambrose Bowen and the origins of the therapy.


      ~        How did Bowen come across the techniques?

      ~        How does it fit in the world of manual therapies? 


      ~        Is it true that only six men are worthy 'interpreters'?


          * Features first ever interview with Tom's son Barry who had a

very different view of life to that of his well documented sisters.


This book is an expose of the huge amount of nonsense that has been generated by some of the big players on the Bowen Therapy scene. But most of all it's a story of an ordinary Australian bloke whose extraordinary compassion and ability has inspired people around the world.

Tom Bowen's tale is set against the massive post-war developments of an  emerging nation bolstered by massive and very necessary immigration. His was a life of ongoing disappointments and frustrations, much of it of his own doing, and of health issues that challenged his resolve. But it was also a life of unwavering passion to be of assistance to his fellow man. His selfless  dedication has been an inspiration to many therapists around the world.

This book will be very challenging for some in the manual therapy world, especially Bowen therapists. Beliefs will be severely tested.



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