Tom with tuba (middle left) in the Salvation Army Band
The Bowen family c. 1921
Jessie and Tom with Pam (centre), Barry and Jessie's sister Lillian who lived with them almost their entire married life.
Ernie Saunders (2nd from right, top) with Richmond FC (AFL) 1930
Ernie Saunders (centre) and his 'massage' team at Richmond FC c. 1935
Tom and the members of the Salvation Army youth club.

The Author – Col Murray


I could write a nice piece about me here that made out as if

someone else was writing it. If you read my book you’ll know

that this is not how I operate.


I was born in Melbourne, Australia and, as of May 2020, I've entered my 74th year as a human. In my more recent life I have accrued well over 20 years’ experience with Bowen Therapy and, along with my partner Lisa Black, via our school, the International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT), have been teaching Bowen Therapy internationally since 1999. These days we are based in the South of Portugal, with ISBT conducting courses in our interpretation of Bowen Therapy in Asia, Europe and South America. And Australia and New Zealand, of course.


Prior to full time involvement in bodywork, among other things (including would-be musician and would-be restaurateur) I spent 25 years in journalism, public relations and publishing, initially specialising in motorsport (in particular, motorcycling).


Having published my own motorcycling newspaper, I then started and edited a similar publication for a large publishing house, followed by editing a regional general newspaper. Then I had a stint or two working for a politician – a very enlightening experience and not particularly something that I would consider doing again and I suggest to all you intelligent people reading this that you shouldn’t do it too.


The book that has drawn you to this website took many years of sometimes very frustrating but ultimately hugely satisfying work. It was very necessary that someone do what I have done; honestly researched the subjects and told it like it really is. That was always the objective.


This book is my contribution to establishing the truth about Tom Bowen and the therapy he inspired so the world at large can concentrate on this remarkable healing technique without being distracted by the voracious fantasies created by some to further their own objectives.


If you invest in this publication I sincerely hope you find it enjoyable and informative. I know you’ll find out lots about Tom Bowen and the therapy that you didn’t know about.



       Here a few of the many photos that make up the

story of Tom Bowen and the Therapy He Inspired.

(All photos are subject to copyright.) 

All images and text remain copyright © Col Murray 2012. Requests for use of copyrighted material can be made to Col Murray
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