The Book that re-Writes

Bowen Therapy History


  The level of misinformation and general nonsense that evolved to become 'common knowledge' about legendary Australian healer Tom Bowen, inspired former journalist (and lots of other stuff) turned manual therapist turned Bowen Therapy school director, Col Murray, to set out on a journey to set the record straight. Along the way he tells the story of this very special and often troubled Australian set against the emergence of a remarkable manual healing technique and the misinformation and outright silliness that has surfaced in the race to make the work known to the world.


  This book is an informative and entertaining romp through the world of natural therapies and the environment in which they operate, stopping occasionally to take a few pot-shots at those whom the author feels might be doing Bowen an injustice, including orthodoxy and its tunnel-visioned restraints. And some in the world of Bowen Therapy. 



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